World Biometrics Day by Global Biometrics Council

World Biometrics Day by Global Biometrics Council

The idea of the Global Biometrics Council is to disseminate and support the development of biometrics and to promote its application in innovative AI (artificial intelligence) technology and cyber security. The Association is an organization of distinguished experts, scientists and enthusiasts from various fields of biometrics and biometric solutions present in our daily lives. We are committed to promote knowledge in the field of biometrics technology and cyber security and to initiate social dialogue. GBC aim is to develop the knowledge and awareness of society in the field of biometrics, especially in the area of identification, identity verification and authorization and broadly understood cyber security. Therefore, we want to celebrate the Biometric Day that we have registered in the global calendar as the 8th of October, to promote biometrics as a permanent part of the future. The first celebration of World Biometrics Day was planned for 2020, but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first celebration took place in 2021, please visit:

This year the event took place at October 7th 2022 in Dubai, and our Host and Partner was Curtin University Dubai.

World Biometrics Day 2022 had a wonderful and exciting opining, made by this year Keynote Speech, delivered by Professor Thirimachos Bourlai, PhD, from the University of Georgia (USA). Professor. The speech was entitled: Recent Challenges in Human Authentication: Beacons for the Future. 

We see biometrics are used in many business models as well as in the area of public services. That is why, the first Panel of World Biometrics Day Conference, entitled: Legal aspects and business trends in biometrics, covered the very important aspects of legal challenges that we are facing within so important field of biometrics – as a key technology for various area.

The Chair of the Panel was Marcin Czugan, CEO, Association for Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF) and together with the Panelist: 

Jan Szajda, CEO, Identt,

Michał Łukasiewicz Director, Office of Antifraud Systems, BIK Group, 

Krzysztof Biernacki CEO, Digital Gateways 

and Salih Ismail, Program Coordinator, School of Science and Engineering Dubai, they discussed 

they answered to the formulated questions, such as: What are the most important legal challenges  for biometics solutions from the European perspective? What are the key challenges from technology perspective? And are we ready to implement solutions from society (so massive) perspective?

The Future of Biometrics  – Finance sector approach was the topic of the second Panel. Within this panel Experts and Representatives of finance sector (banks, firms, companies and other organizations of finance sector)l discussed the biometrics chances, threats and opportunities, and formulated the forecasts and scenarios about the biometrics future. The Chair of the Panel was Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń, PhD, President of  Global Biometrics Council, and together with the Panelists:

Kris Slotwinski,  CSO BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. 

Daniel Jarząb, CEO, PayEye

Dr. Fawaz M. Habbal, President of Geminos Group 

and Daniel Atkins, CEO – Transnational Academic Group, Curtin University Dubai’s Education Management Services Provider

they were able to discover – what are the trends in biometrics, where the technology is already used and where will be used in the nearest future?

The last Panel: Biometrics – the scientific approach, had academic agenda. Within this Panel, The Chair – Mateusz Trokielewicz, PhD., Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, together with Panelists: 

Thirimachos Bourlai, PhD., University of Georgia

Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń, PhD., Wrocław University of Economics and Business, Global Biometrics Council

Anna Tarabasz PhD., Curtin University Dubai

And Adam Sulich, PhD, prof. UEW, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto,

discussed the latest issues referring to their scientific papers in the field of biometrics, as well formulated the scientific gap in this field to be fulfilled in the future.

World Biometrics Day ended with the great speech of the Closing Keynote – Professor Adam Czajka, PhD, from the University of Notre Dame (USA). Within the speech Prof. Czajka gave the answer to the very important question, that was also the topic of his closing remarks:

 Do you want a better biometric algorithm? Tell it where to look! Applications of human perceptual intelligence to iris and face biometrics.

A very important part of the event was : Biometrics Start-Up Zone, where the innovative and visionary firms (start-ups) presented their solutions. This year we had a great opportunity to learn about three different but hilghy innovative start-ups:

Identt -presented by  Jan Szajda, CEO

AIS Gateway – presented by Michał Konopka


PayEye, presented by Daniel Jarząb CEO. 

The event was fulfilled with truly inspiring discussions, where we gathered together experts, scientists and also -business representants. This year the Partners of the WBD were: Curtin University Dubai, Kasetsart Business School, Bangkok, Customer Value Foundation, Association for Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF), Journal of Creating Value and Investment Monitor.

World Biometrics Day – is a celebration of knowledge, innovation and synergy! See You next Year!

Watch how it was like on youtube:

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