About Global Biometrics Council

The idea of the Global Biometrics Council is to disseminate and support the development of biometrics and to promote its application in innovative AI (artificial intelligence) technology and cyber security. The Association is an organization of distinguished experts, scientists and enthusiasts from various fields of biometrics and biometric solutions present in our daily lives. We are committed to promote knowledge in the field of biometrics technology and cyber security and to initiate social dialogue.

Our mission

The primary tool to combat the objections, doubts, and even fear associated with new technologies and the resulting ignorance is to educate the public. Our mission is to educate the public about biometrics, to get them interested in biometrics, and to invite experts and scientists from all over the world to join the dialogue in order to spread and level the knowledge about biometrics, AI and cyber security.

Our vision

We believe that biometrics is the answer to many problems of the modern world. It makes us feel safer – it is used in many areas of life, but above all it is the most effective and safest method of human identification and authentication of all currently available methods. We want to develop the knowledge and awareness of society in the field of biometrics, especially in the area of identification, identity verification and authorization of transactions and broadly understood cyber security.

Activities and objectives of the association

The purpose of the Association is to conduct educational activities in the field of biometrics in general, to promote and propagate biometric solutions, to increase awareness and knowledge about biometrics and its applications by associating and inviting to dialogue scientists, institutions, organizations and companies from all over the world, using or supporting biometric solutions.

Statutory activities
The Association wants to realize its goals within the framework of paid and unpaid activities mainly through:
Education in biometrics, AI and cybersecurity,
Collaborating with researchers, institutions, organizations and companies from around the world,
Promoting biometrics and cybersecurity solutions,
Organizing events on biometrics, cyber security and related topics,
Liaising with local, state, foreign governments, business sector, media and personalities interested in the development of biometrics and cybersecurity,
Participation in events, conferences, meetings, galas, webinars,
Organization of World Biometrics Day celebrations
Supporting commercial and industrial biometrics and cybersecurity solutions,
Organizing and conducting training activities,
Cooperation with other associations, clubs, foundations and institutions and units involved in the development of biometrics,
Activities on behalf of municipalities, cities, companies and universities within the Association's objectives